Striking the Right Balance

The primary goal of any project involving a technology facilitated change is to deliver a product, service or system of the required quality, on time and within budget, that meets the agreed needs of the project's stakeholders. By interpreting this as delivering 'working' software in the shortest time possible, some approaches, when taken to their extreme, may regard architectural considerations as being of little importance.

However, delivering and maintaining a product, service or system of any complexity in a reliable and timely manner requires a robust architectural foundation. Ignoring this risks leading a project down the well trodden path of simply doing it wrong faster.

At the opposite extreme, it is important to be wary of approaches that lead inevitably to analysis paralysis, at best resulting in the delivery of a mass of documentation but little else.

The key to delivering client value clearly lies in steering a course between these two extremes and at Applied Informatics we believe in striking the right balance by: