About Us

Applied Informatics is a specialist provider of software consultancy, development and contract resourcing services.  We work with clients at all stages of their systems journeys from problem definition and solution option appraisal through design and procurement to implementation support and assurance.

We formed in 2010 after our founders, John Arnett and David McGuffin, worked together on a large central government information architecture programme and identified a gap in the market for an architecture practice that specialises in model based and user driven design.

We are experts in data modelling, enterprise architecture and interoperable systems design to support agile delivery, digital transformation and cloud enablement.

Through our approach, we provide a range of highly focused and responsive services dedicated to ensuring your business transformation journey is underpinned by a robust data and information systems architecture.

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Our Values

Provision of our Architecture & Design services is highly collaborative and tailored to each client's project, business, technical and cultural needs.

We therefore consult closely with clients to advise and agree the best methods and tools to use based on objectives, scope, and time and cost constraints of the project.  This is underpinned by our guarantee to follow an approach that:

  • is transparent and collaborative in the way that we work with our clients;
  • is stakeholder and user driven with listening to clients at its heart;
  • is iterative and adaptive, allowing us to learn together as we progress;
  • aims to strike the right balance by looking beneath the surface to understand and tackle underlying issues, while still delivering business value to our clients;
  • values interoperability and vendor neutrality;
  • is model based, ensuring our deliverables are underpinned by a consistent and meaningful architectural foundation based on systematic analysis;
  • uses and tailors international, industry or de facto standards to meet client's needs;
  • takes into consideration existing business and technical capabilities; and
  • adopts existing solutions where they meet client needs.

Our Team


John Arnett

John is an experienced, TOGAF 9 certified Enterprise Architect specialising in business and technology alignment, information systems architecture design and standards-based interoperability. John is a good analytical thinker and problem solver.

Key areas of expertise include:
  • strategic architecture development;
  • architecture programme / project design;
  • data and interoperability design;
  • application integration and service interface design;
  • technical team leadership; and
  • model driven architecture.

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David McGuffin

David is a TOGAF 9.1 certified Information Systems Architect with a proven track record of managing data and integration architectures, underpinning business change and supporting strategic objectives.

Key areas of expertise include:
  • developing robust integration and information architectures including data modelling, analysis, mapping and transformation to enable systems interoperability;
  • extensive skills in UML modelling and the use of Sparx Enterprise Architect to create consistent, meaningful and reusable designs, from which both documentation and software artefacts can be generated;
  • engaging with internal and external stakeholders, and building strong partnerships with external suppliers; and
  • designing concise solutions to seamlessly address complex interoperability issues.

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