Message based integration design

At Applied Informatics, we have extensive experience in designing integration solutions for organisations.   We pride ourselves in producing integration solutions that go beyond the technical or connectivity-focused solutions delivered by many of our competitors.  By looking beneath the surface, we also consider underlying business processes, data design and data usage within applications.

This enables us to create the optimal solution for your requirements.  Additionally, by utilising our rigorous model-based approach we are able to yield meaningful, consistent and re-usable design artefacts.

We helped Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) re-design a critical information exchange that was causing issues with application performance and in operational processes, due to lack of availability of accurate and up-to-date data.

Jaguar Land Rover office image

The challenge

Having an accurate and contemporary understanding of the status of vehicle orders and the specification of vehicles being manufactured is essential to many business processes throughout JLR.  An existing solution had been created, prior to a change of ownership, which was no longer fit-for-purpose and introduced risk to many critical business processes.

What we did

We engaged with business stakeholders to understand the organisational and business needs, and with technical stakeholders to understand the existing data flows, interfaces and services.  This enabled us to gain a thorough understanding of requirements for the information exchange, as well as challenges in the existing solution and risks to critical business processes that needed to be considered in developing a solution.

Within our architecture toolset and repository we re-designed the solution from bottom-up including message triggers, payloads and the integration architecture required to deliver a solution that was fit-for-purpose, removing a dependency on a legacy integration hub, and scalable to meet future needs.  We also created an implementation roadmap that enabled the solution to be implemented and offered to new applications immediately without introducing risk to critical existing business processes.

Our impact

Our scalable and efficient integration design was successfully implemented and deployed within JLR.  This enabled many applications that had previously been unable to receive vehicle order and specification data, because of problems with the existing solution, to consume it in support of their underlying business processes improving operational efficiency.

Via the implementation roadmap, the critical business processes supported via the existing solution were able to be migrated to the new solution, reducing risk and offering accurate and contemporary data.

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