Data Modelling & Design

Our Data Modelling & Design service is specifically designed to help organisations understand and manage their data assets across multiple systems and platforms, to enable them to successfully deliver data focused business or technology services.

Service delivery involves our Data Architects/Modellers capturing, analysing and then representing the organisation's detailed data requirements in the form of a technology-independent, Common Logical Data Model.  This provides data users (including Data Stewards and Data Quality Analysts) with precise descriptions of the data assets used across the organisation's various systems and processes, ranging from data collection and operational use, through storage and exchange to reporting and analysis.

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In addition to providing business and technical specialists with a shared view of the organisation's data, the Common Logical Data Model can be used to generate or construct technology-specific Physical Data Models and implementation artefacts (e.g. database schemas) for use by Database Administrators and System Developers.

Service features

  • Common Logical Data Model and associated views, catalogues and mappings used to define current and/or future state data architectures.
  • Data Dictionary containing detailed definitions of data entities.
  • Physical Data Models and other technology-specific artefacts (e.g. database and message schemas).

Service benefits

  • Data standardisation required for application and process integration.
  • Improved data analytics.
  • Improved data management and governance.
  • Shared business and technical vocabulary to improve understanding of data.
  • Translates business needs into data requirements.

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