Requirements Management

The aim of building a new system is to deliver a solution that meets the needs of the individuals who will use it as well as the business needs of the organisation.  To achieve this requires a clear understanding and alignment of what users need to be able to achieve in their day-to-day objectives and what the organisation needs to deliver its strategic outcomes.

To be able to fully articulate these needs and help ensure the solution delivered is fit for purpose, user and system requirements must be:

  • collaboratively developed and validated to represent the needs of users and of the organisation;
  • organised in a way that is meaningful to users and underpins implementing and testing; and
  • accessible to project stakeholders to use and update throughout the duration of the project.
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Our Requirements Management service is designed to capture, organise, understand and report on user and system requirements.  The service is underpinned by delivery and management of a catalogue of structured requirements artefacts, which are systematically organised for ease of consumption and management throughout project delivery.

Service features

  • Collaborative approach to capturing and validating requirements.
  • Cataloguing and management of requirements artefacts.
  • Robust change management process to adapt to change.
  • Support for ongoing management of requirements.
  • Reports and other outputs generated to meet specific project needs.

Service benefits

  • Delivering solution that is fit for purpose.
  • Ensuring alignment of user and organisational needs.
  • Defines the agreed project scope and facilitates control of changes.
  • Proven methods and tools used to accelerate delivery, reducing time and cost while guaranteeing quality.

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