Business Analysis & Process Design

To succeed in delivering technology-enabled change, the organisation's needs must first be understood in terms of its business drivers, goals and objectives, and then a solution adopted that enables users, processes and technology to work together effectively to achieve the organisation's desired outcomes.

Our Business Analysis & Process Design service provides the expertise and uses proven methods and tools to help organisations model, analyse and determine:

  • their business needs, goals, information needs and project objectives;
  • their current state in terms of the structure and inter-relationships between their people, processes, information, technology and the external environment; and
  • the organisational, process and technology-enabled changes needed to achieve their project objectives and business outcomes.
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Key analysis methods include stakeholder analysis, modelling business process and data flows, and analysing and mapping business requirements to create use cases. These methods work equally well with projects that choose to adopt a more architecture led approach, using frameworks such as TOGAF®, and with projects that choose to follow more implementation led approaches such as Agile and DevOps.

The service can also be extended using our Requirements Management service to assist organisations with gathering and cataloguing business and data requirements and communicating them effectively between business and technical stakeholders.

Service features

  • Determines organisation's current state and specifies changes required to achieve its desired future state.
  • Supports design, implementation, testing and evaluation of solution.
  • Facilitates stakeholder communication.
  • Supports business and IT strategic planning, business processimprovement and re-engineering, etc.
  • Visualise potential benefits and costs of introducing new services and improving existing processes.

Service benefits

  • Reduce changes, defects and re-work.
  • Identify opportunities to create new services and to improve quality, efficiency and productivity.
  • Promotes stakeholder engagement and buy-in.
  • Prioritises business needs.
  • Increases likelihood of project delivering a solution that meets the organisation's needs.
  • Proven methods and tools used to accelerate delivery, reducing time and cost while guaranteeing quality.

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