Interim Technical Resourcing

To initiate and successfully deliver projects to meet today's shrinking time-to-market goals, organisations need to be able to source experienced technical specialists, reliably and efficiently.

Our Interim Technical Resourcing service is designed to help clients meet their contingent technical resourcing needs and ensure successful project delivery, by sourcing and providing Interim Technical Specialists with the right skills, experience and values, at competitive rates.

As a specialist software architecture and development consultancy we have a deep understanding of the technical needs of our clients' projects and have built an extensive network of skilled and experienced associates who we are able to utilise to help deliver specialist expertise that has a positive impact on our clients' projects.

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Interim Technical Resourcing focuses on providing specialist and hard-to-find expertise to support clients at all stages of their projects - from problem definition and solution option appraisal, through design and procurement, to implementation support and assurance.  Areas for which we provide specialists to fulfil contract technical roles include:

  • Data architecture
  • Data engineering
  • Data science
  • Data analysis
  • Technical architecture
  • Security architecture
  • DevOps engineering
  • Software development
  • Systems operation / administration
  • Business analysis
  • Agile delivery management
  • Quality assurance
  • Performance analysis

Service features

  • Work closely with clients to identify key evaluation criteria for role.
  • Specialists with CTC, SC and DV clearance sourced and provided.
  • Multi-channel sourcing to find best specialists.
  • All candidates screened for both technical and cultural fit.
  • Provide structured CVs highlighting matching skills and experience.
  • Right-to-work and references checked.
  • Additional vetting available on request.
  • Full GDPR compliance.

Service benefits

  • Flexible provision of specialist expertise to maintain and enhance project delivery.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable advice to help identify the best specialists to meet requirements.
  • Use time and effort saved searching for specialists to focus on core business.
  • Upskill in-house teams with knowledge provided by interim specialists.
  • Manage resourcing costs to meet peaks in demand without increasing permanent headcount.
  • Cover sickness leave, maternity leave or recruitment gaps in permanent staffing.

Related services

  • Managed Teams - for clients requiring a team of technical specialists, coordinated by a Delivery Manager, to deliver specified project outputs for a fixed price.
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