Open Source Diagnostic Systems Integration (ODiSI)

Our Open Source Diagnostic Systems Integration (ODiSI) service offers diagnostic providers powerful, flexible and cost-effective integration solutions aimed at increasing efficiency and throughput, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

ODiSI solutions are built on the solid Open Source foundations of NextGen's Mirth Connect integration engine, providing clients with unlimited messages, interfaces and throughput for connecting systems.

Every ODiSI solution includes solution design, installation and configuration based on your specified integration needs, along with optional hosting and the opportunity to choose from a range of service management packages to meet your support needs.

Applied Informatics - ODiSI service icon

Whether you are looking to integrate your systems internally, link externally with partner systems or connect to national or regional services, ODiSI can offer you a solution that is:

  • Highly cost-effective, beginning with a FREE to use platform suitable for internal systems integration;
  • High-quality, using our proven ISO 9001 accredited and model-based design process;
  • Secure and robust, whether self-hosted or hosted as a managed service; and
  • Delivered to minimise time-to-value without compromising quality using our quality managed, agile delivery approach.

Service features

  • Flexible, scalable and affordable integration solutions tailored to your organisation's data exchange needs.
  • Interoperable data exchange by default using healthcare and industry standard data formats and transport protocols.
  • No software licensing limits on interfaces/connections, allowing you to scale more freely.
  • Range of support and hosting options.
  • Option of advanced plugins and Enterprise extensions to help drive affordable and effective health data exchange.

Service benefits

  • Make your diagnostic service easier and more attractive for customers to access and use.
  • Reduced turnaround times and increased efficiency.
  • Improved continuity of care.
  • Enhanced clinical decision making and patient safety.
  • Improved BI reporting and analytics.
  • Support organisational change and transformation initiatives.
  • Reap the benefits of open source, including reduced cost of ownership, increased ROI and freedom from restrictive vendor lock-in.

Related services

  • Requirements management - to capture, organise, understand and report on user and system requirements for an organisation.
  • Business Analysis & Process Design - to help model, analyse and determine an organisation's business needs and goals.
  • Integration Architecture & Design - to help organisations create seamless business processes and user-facing digital services.
  • Managed Teams – for clients requiring a team of technical specialists, coordinated by a Delivery Manager, to deliver specified project outputs for a fixed price.
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