Data Architecture

For organisations to be able to operate effectively and to achieve business goals, they must have a clear understanding of their information needs and the opportunities available to them to exploit data as a strategic asset.

Our Data Architecture service is therefore designed to provide organisations with a clear and comprehensive picture of the sources, structures, relationships, usage, processing, management and flows of data relevant to their current and future business needs.

This provides the views and roadmaps organisations need to enable them to manage data as an asset.

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Our Data Architecture service enables organisations to successfully implement data-focused business and technology services including:

  • API platforms and digital ecosystems
  • Big data and predictive analytics
  • Enterprise application and business process integration
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Data storage design
  • Data migration
  • Corporate information management
  • Data Governance

Improving data usage, reducing cost and mitigating risk when planning and undertaking these activities are key benefits the service aims to deliver.

Service features

  • Common Conceptual Data Model and associated views, catalogues and mappings.
  • Data Glossary containing business definitions of data entities.
  • Ensure data architecture is aligned with organisational strategy and business requirements.
  • Data architecture roadmap.

Service benefits

  • Improved data usage and reduced data management costs and risks.
  • Shared business and technical vocabulary to promote understanding of data.
  • Standardisation and integration of data assets.
  • Improved data management and governance.
  • Translates business needs into data requirements.
  • Proven methods and tools used to accelerate delivery, reducing time and cost while guaranteeing quality.

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